Sounds Good to Me

Written by Eric Berna on February 17th, 2007

We have a bunch of TVs hanging from the ceiling in front of the exercise machines at our Y. I was on an elliptical machine this morning, and watching the history channel. Glancing around at the other TVs during a commercial, I noticed a headline on the FOX news channel about Anna Nicole Smith’s estate. Apparently her will wasn’t in order, and the IRS will get most of her fortune in inheritance taxes.

In another showing of their distain for middle class America, FOX called this a debacle, as if this windfall for the IRS was a bad thing.

Anna Nicole Smith’s estate going to the IRS sounds good to me, because that is a small dent in the national debt. Now, my children’s tax obligation will be just a little bit smaller. It’s also better for society. Anna Nicole’s child, who should get what’s remaining, will still get enough to be comfortable her whole life. Without the obscene fortune, this child has a chance to be forgotten by the media, and live her own life.

Also, the money will benefit the economy far better if spent by the US government than if hoarded by Anna Nicole’s estate. The money will move through the economy, paying salaries, buying supplies, paying benefits, or paying down the debt. The recipients of the money will then further move the money, fueling the economy. The money will move now, instead of sitting in trust funds waiting for the child to reach age.


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